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Thank you for choosing Vitello’s Cleaning Service. My name is Micaela Vitello, and I am the owner. I have a son who is my world. Before cleaning I worked for a temp agency doing mundane office work. It paid the bills I suppose, but I didn't feel fulfilled after completing a task. I didn't feel like I had made a difference or had helped anyone.
On New Year’s Day 2008 I searched Craigslist for odd jobs I could do that would help pay the bills off faster. I saw that there were a lot of cleaning requests, but they weren’t really in my neighborhood, so I put up my own ads. Within one hour I had received an e-mail asking for a cleaning job.

To start I only cleaned on the weekends, and I enjoyed it. I was constantly moving and the time seemed to fly by. I am constantly learning new cleaning techniques. The best part is at the end of a job I feel like I have accomplished
something, and have put a smile on the homeowner's face. Since I found that I enjoyed cleaning so much I quit my temp job and have been cleaning full time since August 2008.

As a company we value quality over quantity. That is what I feel separates us from the larger companies.
Thank you for reading, and we look forward to cleaning your home or business!
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